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ABOUT Freedom Legacy

From Trinidad and Tobago to the rest of the world, QUEEN OMEGA one of the most valuable voices of the world-reggae scene presents «FREEDOM LEGACY» this year. An album of 13 powerful tunes marking her great come- back after last year’s beautiful collaborations and EPs.

On stage and in the studio, QUEEN OMEGA brings with her conscious messages, with Caribbean notes. The year 2022 marked her come-back on the European stages, with a beautiful summer tour with festivals such as Boomtown (UK), Paléo (CH), No Logo (FR) etc. In 2023 the ‘world-reggae’ ambassador from Trinidad and Tobago unveils her multiple musical influences through genuine lyrics in her new album «FREEDOM LEGACY» out on March the 24th at Baco Records.

The singles “Fittest”, “Wise Queens”, “See You Down” and “Lioness” released during the past six months and extracted from the new album lay the foundations for an opus constructed as a thoughts collection dedicated to her fans and children. A legacy gathering her most profound questions about human condition in which she sings her fights for freedom and women’s independence with militancy bringing hope to the new generations. An introspective and musical journey on new roots reggae and dancehall music produced by LionsFlow Productions.


« Music is a channel, a gateway to mental and emotional freedom. It is through conscious music we learnt the need to express ourselves, talk out, shattering the walls of silence. I would love to know that I left a legacy allowing the people who listen my music to be totally free in mind, body and spirit. »



Queen Omega one of the most powerful voices of the Caribbean is back on the road in 2024 ! On stage, she marks a multigenerational public with her almost unlimited vocal performances that combine reggae, Caribbean, jazz and soul sounds ... but also by her authenticity, her energy and her undeniable presence. 

Meet her on her world tour in 2024 - More infos below



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Queen Omega hails from San Fernando in Trinidad Tobago. Encouraged by her mother - to whom she pays moving tribute on "Mama"- she started at the age of 9 to become one of the pioneering female artist in the reggae international scene... 

« Don't call me no local artist when I'm an ambassada in this Reggae business... »

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